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Meet Threedee World

We design, build and operate environmentally conscious projects that add value to events,

e-commerce and advertising.

Threedee World is a Belgian startup (2021), developing a metaverse platform in Web 3, 3D - VR - 360°, whose core business is in:

  • e-commerce

  • events

  • branding


E-commerce has never grown as much as during the past pandemic and continues to grow steadily.


Events are increasingly organized in a hybrid way (digital and physical).


Marketers are aware of the added value that the latest technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality can offer in the context of brand activation and promotion.


What We Believe in

We believe that people will live and work differently in the future.

People are becoming more aware of how they are going to spend their time. Traveling hundreds if not thousands of miles to attend an event is being done less and less. Since the pandemic, more and more events are being organized in a hybrid way.


Moreover, people want the content they want to watch, listen to, experience, buy ... to be available on demand, 365/365 and 24/7.

People are also becoming more aware of the impact of many things on the environment. Reducing CO2 emissions is a topic that concerns everyone, without exception.

The speed at which virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence ... are developing indicates that we will all be using these technologies more and more.

Setting up such projects, where people can virtually collaborate, learn, shop, attend events... is therefore a logical strategy.

Safety & Security

Doing business, sharing data and communicating online requires security. Through a team of professionals in data protection and GDPR, we assure our stakeholders of secure and transparent processing of personal data.

Eco friendly

We make a strong commitment to being a carbon-neutral company. We offset all emissions we cause by setting up nature-promoting and nature-restoring projects.


Any child in the world has to receive quality education at the same standards. This is the only way to erase inequality. Every child in the world deserves a ticket to digital literacy. To this end, we set up projects in The Gambia.

Our Story

Threedee World has a young, but rich past. The company was founded in 2021 as a catch all project of several international marketing and communications agencies, event agencies, influencer marketing agencies, web3 designers and developers.

From 7 countries around the world, several dozen professionals work together on this project in the way they are always used to: remote working.

It is the combination of various areas of expertise that makes this project so unique, a combination that ensures out-of-the-box thinking that creates unique concepts.

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