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Already 8 years after we've started Threedee World... Time flies!

In this futuristic landscape, a staggering 35% of businesses and events have transcended into the virtual realm.

Virtual reality offices, holographic conferences, and AI-driven collaborations dominate, revolutionizing the way we are working and interacting.

The world has since become a seamless fusion of physical and digital experiences, where innovation knows no bounds. Welcome to a hyper-connected era where the extraordinary is the new ordinary. Welcome to Threedee World.


The Power of Hybrid Events to Drive Revenue


As a result of the rising attendance numbers, organizers of digital events have experienced a significant increase in revenue streams by adopting a hybrid event model.


By combining both digital and in-person elements, organizers can tap into a broader audience base while also accommodating those who prefer physical interactions. This hybrid approach not only enhances the overall attendee experience but also opens up new opportunities for sponsorship, ticket sales, and additional revenue streams.

Moreover, the flexibility offered by hybrid events allows organizers to cater to diverse preferences and needs, ensuring maximum engagement and satisfaction among attendees. With increased revenue and a more inclusive approach, the future of events is undoubtedly shaped by the seamless integration of digital and physical experiences.


The Power of Digital Events in Understanding Visitor Behavior


By organizing events digitally, organizers have gained access to a wealth of data and insights into visitor behavior. With this invaluable information, they can better understand visitor preferences, engagement levels and areas for improvement. They are able to track real-time statistics such as visitor numbers, session duration, interaction patterns and audience demographics.

By using this data, organizers can now make informed decisions to improve the overall event experience. They can better tailor content and offerings to their audience's needs and interests, ultimately leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. In addition, data analytics can support marketing strategies, allowing organizers to reach their target audience more effectively and maximize attendance.

Moreover, the ability to collect and analyze data now provides organizers with valuable feedback for continuous improvement. By identifying trends and patterns, they can refine their event strategies, optimize resource allocation and innovate new approaches to keep visitors engaged and coming back for more.


The Environmental Benefits of Digital Events

Digital events also have a significant positive impact on the environment and climate. By reducing the need to travel, digital events significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation, including those from cars, planes and other forms of transportation.

Expanding to digital platforms reduces the overall carbon footprint of events by minimizing the energy consumption of venue operations, such as lighting, heating and air conditioning. In addition, the reduction of physical materials, such as paper, signage and promotional materials, reduces resource consumption and waste generation.

Digital events also promote sustainable practices by encouraging remote working and reducing the need for office space, further reducing energy consumption and emissions associated with commuting.


The Digital Revolution of 2030

In 2030, the widespread adoption of digital platforms has led to a significant surge in event attendance.


With 35% of events and business interactions now happening online, accessibility has skyrocketed.


People from all over the world can join events from the comfort of their homes or offices, eliminating geographical barriers and travel expenses.


This accessibility has attracted a wider audience, fostering inclusivity and diversity among attendees.


The digital revolution has not only democratized access but also fueled collaboration and innovation on a global scale.

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