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From hexagon to nonagon

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Artoria - the Arts & Culture District

Visiting a museum or exhibition taking place physically somewhere in the world.

Admiring (digital) art in 3D and purchasing them. 

A guide that takes you on a discovery in your own language. 

Consult all information about the artist and the artwork.


Opening: 2024, April (with the start of the Biennale - Venice)

Target operators: painters, photographers, sculptors, models, museums, auction houses...




Immersive Shopping is the newest way of shopping. After shopping in a physical store and ordering products online from an online webshop, I-shopping is the combination of both: imagining yourself in a store and ordering online. 

Augmented Reality provides an extra dimension by adding both content and an immersive product experience. 


Opening: 2024, September

Target operators: fashion, travel, technology, food & beverages, jewelry, lifestyle, design...



Where people come people want to meet in their own environment that typifies them. 

Inviting friends and acquaintances into your own studio, apartment or penthouse, socializing together, watching movies, listening to music, hanging your NFTs neatly on the wall and hosting parties....

Students studying together, meeting alumni....


Opening: 2025, March

Target operators: private individuals, students, influencers...



Participating from your own office or from home in a conference organized somewhere in the world. 

Looking for a new job and participating in an (international) job fair. 

Discover your suppliers' latest products and services at a trade fair or get in touch with exhibitors. 

Following a product launch of your favorite brands. 

A concert of your favorite artist with a possible meet & greet and access to all merchandise.


Opening: 2024, May

Target operators: organizers of conferences, trade shows, job events, corporate events (product launches...)...



Your virtual office to meet colleagues, customers and suppliers...


Onboarding new employees and immersing them in your brand, your values and vision....

To convince your prospects of your product presentation and take them into your virtual showroom...

Opening: 2024, January (with Lawland as a first project)

Target operators: all kind of companies 


Educational Facilities

Deliver immersive education and training, through a new way of teaching.

Teachers and professors control student interactions by simply changing permissions in the virtual space; creating a safe and only learning space.

Engineers and designers can use the metaverse to interact with customers, show models and test remotely.


Opening: 2024, September
Target operators: schools and universities, training centers...


Hotels & Resorts

Prior to making a hotel reservation in the physical world, make a visit in the metaverse to see where you will be staying and the facilities / activities available.

Expand the hotel brand experiences, with unique digital services (i.e. virtual events and casinos) and amenities to support more established physical environments.

We are open for collabs / projects / ideas in this field.


Healthcare & Labs

Use digital twin technology in virtual hospitals, to practice complex surgeries and explore new innovations.

Where lab space may be limited in the physical world or when assets become difficult to access / maintain / upgrade, virtual labs allow new ecosystems to be created, providing greater access to global skills and talent.

Access your GP through a virtual surgery that could provide a more efficient diagnosis via digital twins and augmented data and diagnostic tools.

Offer remote access to specialist engineers to help via AR solutions to maintain and operate lab systems and equipment, in support of onsite generalists.

We are open for collabs / projects / ideas in this field.


Industrial & Logistics

Test, simulate and execute your industrial and logistics strategies in a virtual space.

Understand what and how cost efficiencies can be achieved in streamlining your supply chain.

Transpose the learning and apply in the physical world.

We are open for collabs / projects / ideas in this field.


Extra Projects 

Clean Sky


Clean Sky is the most significant, ambitious and integrated commitment that has ever existed between the European Commission and the European aviation industry. This relationship was formalized under the structure of a public-private partnership. To share innovative ideas and realizations among stakeholders, a virtual environment was created to showcase these ideas and realizations to a wide audience.

Opening: Clean Sky is live now. 

Hexcom 2025

Hexcom 2025 is the first World Sustainability Expo which takes place during the World Expo in Japan, but in a full digital way and which is supported by no less than +50 environmental and climate organizations.   

As many as 4,000 companies and organizations from all over the world will showcase their plans and achievements by which they (want to) contribute to a better environment and climate. 

Opening: 2025, April 

Lala Land

Lala Land is the place to be to host music events.  

Avatar DJs and musicians will take you through the coolest beats. 

Visitors actively participate via voice and chat and can even book tickets to meet their idol backstage. 

Opening: 2024, March


Lawland is a virtual and green environment built around 6 main themes and buildings, occupied by professionals in legal, finance & accountancy. 


You will find law firms, online courts, training centers, specialized libraries and book stores, legal and fintech companies, job fairs for all kinds of legal-fin profiles, in short as the name suggests: LawLand.

Opening: 2024, January 8

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