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What do you get? You decide which modules you wish to activate. 

1. Own virtual event building

Your own virtual building along one of 18 roads, equipped with advertising panels (you can change in your CMS) to attract visitors and reinforce your brand.  

2. Entrance area

Visitors to your e-venue enter through the reception area. Here the visitor gets the opportunity to go to one of the event rooms, to your office or to your showroom.  You can customize the visuals in the reception area yourself in your CMS. 

3. Lounge

In your (custom made) lounge(s), you can hold (avatar) meetings with your employees, prospects and customers and share your projects on video walls. You can chat, talk, display 3D models, play videos and change the visuals depending on who is visiting your e-office. 

4. Digital showroom

Your digital showroom is where visitors get to know your event agency. You can show visuals and videos, guide your visitors through their visit, chat, speak, share your screen, post 3D models and so on. 

5. Organizing trade shows

Through the CMS, you can organize trade shows in no time. Places where consumers can visit virtual booths of exhibitors, discover new products, view product images and videos,  place orders through a built-in ordering application and can chat or videochat with the exhibitors. Exposanten kunnen kiezen uit een catalogus van meer dan 300 standen. 

6. Organizing conferences

Streaming your live conferences or webinars in your own digital venue poses no problem. Choose from dozens of conference rooms according to the nature of the event. 

Engage your participants through interactive features such as chat, polls... and make the content available "on demand" afterwards for people who couldn't be there. 

7. Organizing job events

Do you have an application to organize a digital job fair for a university, recruitment company or a company with a lot of vacancies? Via the CMS you can set up a digital job event in no time. Showing vacancies, searching for vacancies and applying online are just some of the many functionalities available.  

8. Organizing music events

Having a DJ set or a singer(s) perform online for a global audience can be set up in a short time. Interaction with visitors is guaranteed by live audience audio and integrated chat. Even offering merchandise items via an integrated e-commerce platform is among the possibilities. See what this can look like below

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feel free to rent your e-venue to third parties

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