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  • BUY 42.500 TCC - GET 50.000 TCC

BUY 42.500 TCC - GET 50.000 TCC

2 500,00 € Regular Price
2 125,00 €Sale Price

PACKAGE OF 50.000 TCC (2.125 EUR i.s.o. 2.500 EUR)


TCC is an essential part of the Threedee World platforms and we are working on establishing key mechanics that makes it intrinsically tied to the Threedee World platforms and its value. TCC is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as the basis for transactions within Threedee World.


Use of the Threedee World platform: Visitors spend TCC to participate in events such as trade shows, conventions and music events, to purchase users' products, etc. Users spend TCC to organize events, rent or purchase spaces, purchase virtual land, etc.


Investing: TCC allows the purchase of virtual land, which enables passive income.


Reward model: On each transaction with TCC, 5% is retained as transaction fee which is invested 50% in the further development of valuable environments and functionalities and 50% in rewarding users who post or create valuable content on the platform.

  • Buyers of the TCC will initially help fund the development of the latest phase of Threedee World's platform: the Hexagon.

    The TCC allows the purchase of parcels of virtual land that provide an annual passive income of 25% of the purchase value.

    Passive income is added to your wallet annually and you can use it on the platform or convert it into FIAT money. Keep in mind the local taxation in this income.

    You can sell your virtual property and related rights to third parties, through the platform and taking into account the transaction cost.

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