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Reshaping the Future of
Sustainable and Inclusive

Business & Events


We do right by humans
and the planet.

Threedee World is committed to making a positive impact on local communities and the environment they are a part of.


We don't sell virtual property, we sell new business opportunities

Daring to think out of the box often leads to the most lucrative ideas and concepts. That is precisely what we are strong in....


Lawland (launch: January 8, 2024)

Lawland (200K m²) is the centerpiece of Threedee World, which consists of six thematic buildings, 6 Office Towers and numerous advertising opportunities, all built in a green setting. You will find: 

  • Exhibition Center

  • Job City

  • Conference Center

  • Arbitration Center

  • Technology Center

  • Smatr City

  • Lawland Office Towers



Visiting a museum or exhibition taking place physically somewhere in the world.

Admiring (digital) art in 3D and purchasing them. 

A guide that takes you on a discovery in your own language. 

Consult all information about the artist and the artwork.

ARTORIA, the Arts & Culture District

(launch: 2024, March)


Smith Park Botanical Gardens

Hexcom 2025 is the first World Sustainability Expo which takes place during the World Expo in Japan, but in a full digital way and which is supported by no less than +50 environmental and climate organizations.   

The main theme of HEXCOM will always be sustainability. 


As many as 4,000 companies and organizations from all over the world will showcase their plans and achievements by which they (want to) contribute to a better environment and climate. 


Hexcom 2025 (April 13 to October 13, 2025 - during the World Expo 2025 in Japan)

E-Ducation District (launch: 2024, September)


Deliver immersive education and training, through a new way of teaching.

Teachers and professors control student interactions by simply changing permissions in the virtual space; creating a safe and only learning space.

Engineers and designers can use the metaverse to interact with customers, show models and test remotely.


I-Vent District (launch: 2024, May)

The I-Vent district on Threedee World is the place to be to host digital events, from conferences, to job events, exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events. 


Our Focus Areas

We bring our expertise to multiple sectors, developing the future of retail, i-commerce, advertising and events and redefining what is possible, one project at a time.


Commercial Real Estate

We design and build virtual shopping experiences, to virtually sell exclusive products and services.

Shopping in virtual shopping destinations (i-commerce - immersive commerce) and having items delivered to your home in the physical world are a new channel to create visitor numbers and optimize brand positioning.

Consumers can interact with each other and with brands without the barriers of the physical world.

Visit virtual stores anywhere, anytime to purchase physical or digital products


Event venues

We design and build virtual event venues, to accommodate virtual events such as conferences, trade shows, job fairs, corporate events in which to host.

An underlying and integrated content management system ensures that the organization holds all the reins itself.

Selling products at trade shows can be done through an integrated ordering module.

All tools to ensure interaction between exhibitors, speakers and visitors are available.


Residential and corporate real estate

We design and build virtual residential and corporate real estate. 

Receive your colleagues in your virtual office located in one of the many modern office buildings and organize your meetings and brainstorming sessions that way. Give presentations to your customers from all over the world and show your new products in 3D.. 

Invite your friends, family or fellow students from all over the world into your own virtual studio, apartment or penthouse to socialize or watch a movie together. 

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